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Viral Game Advertising

How to go viral with your advertising? Video and games are the most common way to become viral. Video is a one-way message, game is an interactive message



Gamification Design and Development

Game Mechanism Design, Development of the Gamification Platform.





Persistent Advertising Projects

The cost of contacting a potential customer is so high that if it were possible to keep contacting him, the return would be phenomenal. A persistent game is a way to keep in touch with the customers, modifying the message over the time

Our approach

Advergaming Projects: Our first step is to understand your needs and your customers

Each of our clients is different. We don't provide standard solutions, but the right solution for you.
We use our experience and knowledge of gaming and player-game mechanism to create the best solution for you.

Gamification Projects: We want to improve your relationship with your customer

Acquiring a customer is so expensive that losing him can be a real issue.
Why does a customer still wants to be your customer? Obviously he is satisfied with your service, but do you really think it is enough? Not at all.

Considering that 90% of the purchases are based on emotions, giving them something that is able to touch their heart is a plus.

Check what a human being needs and give them that: reward, challenge, achievements and goals.



Why is this important?

Typical advergaming and Gamification projects

  • A game to introduce a new product with hard to explain features or completely innovative
  • A game to increase the perception of the value of a company
  • A game to revive an obsolete product
  • A game to associate a product to an emotion
  • Introducing badges, achievements to give goals to customer
  • Introducing rankings and challenges in the post sales
  • Introducing the social mechanism in sales and post sales
  • Introducing points and score system in the buying process

Expected Results

Engage: Tradition vs Advergaming

Compare the traditional advertising model with the power of advergaming.

The questions you should answer are the following: Do you need to see a smile on the face of your potential customer when he is watching your advertising message? Do you need your potential customer living the experience of using your product? Do you need to target your campaign? Do you need to have the total control of the return of the investment? Do you need your engaged customers to be promoters of your product/service?.

Traditional advertising
  • It is invasive
  • It is dispersive and it is strictly effective on the people you contact
  • It gains few seconds of attention
  • It communicates only few concepts
  • It is a massive effect
  • It uses traditional carriers (TV, magazine) and innovative (Web, mobile)
  • It is not invasive
  • It is focused but it automatically spreads over to other customers
  • It gains attention over time
  • It can communicate more concepts
  • It can give a more complex message
  • It uses only innovative carriers (Web, mobile)

Buying: Traditional model vs advergamification

How can we increase sales using advertising?

If we focus the advertising message on features, the choice made by the customer will be logical. Why are the luxury items not price based? Because luxury is an emotional purchase. To increase the emotion in any purchase process we need to add value to the experience.

Traditional Model
  • It focuses on features
  • It is a more logical process
  • It doesn’t give goals
  • It is improved with discounts, promotions, special offers
  • It focuses on emotion
  • It is more an emotional process
  • It gives goals
  • It is self-improving

Let us help you succeed!

We provide a complimentary initial consultation in order to understand your goal and need. We can provide you a free short marketing plan with all of our suggestions and recommendations