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Microblogging Platform and Social Networking Website.


Travel and Food Guide and Reviews


Online Community for Professionals and Projects


Photo sharing, commenting, photography related networking, worldwide



Online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement.


The most popular Video publishing and sharing platform


Our approach

There are a lot of Social Media Networks, Online Communities and Website Aggregators. Some of them are very specific, some are very generic.

Our approach is learn your business model, understand which social media networks your business could need and work on those ones. Being on social media is not only a way to attract new customers, but sometimes it is more important to gain trust from potential customers. If a customer doesn't find you where he usually goes, he could think you are not reliable because he is expecting to find your profile out there (and also to find it updated).

It depends a lot on your business; if you are a restaurant TripAdvisor is very important, but Houzz or Porch are not for you. If you are a landscape company on the contrary Houzz and Porch are places where to be and TripAdvisor is useless.

Some of them are generalist like YouTube, Tumblr or Flickr. They are dedicated to a kind of communication but open to everyone. Youtube is becoming an extraordinary instrument for business because Video became very important in order to communicate with customers. Tumblr is a blog sharing platform and Flickr can be a valid add-on to Instagram