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Our approach

A Web project could be a small showcase project or a complex customer relationships management system: it depends on your needs and goals

Do you need a new Website or do you need to improve the quality of the existing one?
Nowadays everyone can do a website: you need a smart guy and a html editor software and the Website is done. It will just cost you just a few bucks and you are done. 
Are you sure that this is what you really need though? If you think the Website is like a business card, you are losing 99% of its potential.

Do you think your Website is your front end, able to interact with your potential and current customers? You need a professional to do it and maintain the Website for you.

Don't think that publishing a website is the end of a process: it is the start! You need to update it in order to engage and attract customers.
The big advantage of a Website is that it can be updated, even on a daily basis: if you just do a virtual catalogue on your website, you are losing all the advantages of having a Website!

Website is not an expense, it is an investment! And like any other investment, it must have a return!


Why is this important?

Doing a Website doesn't mean you are doing business on Internet. Not selling online doesn't mean you cannot do business on Internet.

There is a huge difference between a showcase and a store. A showcase is something that shows what you have and how you can help a customer's life. But then you need a store with salesmen, customer representatives and procedures to sell something. Having a Website doesn't mean you have a business on the Web, it only means you are mentioned on the Internet Yellow pages.


Website vs Web business
  • Customer will have basic information about your company
  • It doesn't create value
  • It doesn't interact with the customer
  • It is cheap
  • Customer will have a complete experience about your company and your products/services
  • It adds value to the customer's relation
  • It interacts with the customer in pre-sales, sales eventually and post sales
  • It is sometime a complex project