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Our approach

Right social media for your business

Deciding the right social media networks for your business and taking care of them is time intensive. It is important to be visible, but it is more important to be active. It is also important to update the content, to constantly be live because an inactive social media can hurt your business more than a missing one

We help you to decide what are the right places to be, what to communicate and when, how to build the community and keep it involved

Most importantly: we completely take care of all your social media marketing. We will take care of helping you find the right social media networks, creating and updating the content in order to keep your customers always engaged and to acquire new followers and "like".


Why is this important?

Is the brand development shifting to social media?

A brand is a complex concept composed by facts, features and emotions. Facts are essential to what the brand is: people assimilate them for a short period of time. Features are what the brand is for: people assimilate them for a medium period of time and use them when a need shows up. Emotions are the reasons behind the brand: people assimilate them for a long period of time and keep it forever.


Corporate Website vs Social Media
  • It focuses on facts and features
  • It is not a community facilitator
  • It needs to be discovered
  • It is only a top-down communicator
  • It focuses on emotions
  • It is created inside an existing community
  • It needs to be joined
  • It is a top-down-top communicator