Marketing trends in 2015

We are at the end of 2014.

Therefore it is a good moment to do predictions about what will be the major marketing trends in 2015 

As any other prediction (especially speaking about marketing) they will be wrong probably but it is worth a try.

1) Content marketing

Content is already a key factor in marketing and it will continue to be even more in 2015. Consumers are attracted by content and engaged by personalized content  There will be a huge effort by companies to empower their content marketing trying also to add a high level of customization

2) Visual marketing

Content is not only text. Nowadays an image speaks more than a text. So far visual marketing has been considered something connected to corporate image but now businesses must be able to communicate also through images. Pinterest and Instagram already showed their role in marketing in 2014 and there will be more next year.

3) Mobile

If it was true in the past that everyone had a PC, now it is definitely true that everyone has a mobile phone (and most of them a smartphone). And everyone is using more and more it as unique access to Internet. Companies will need mobile content. It doesn’t mean the “mobile” version of the Web content, it means something different because accessing content through mobile is a completely different experience

4) Customer emotions management

CRM (Customer relationship management) changed a lot in the last year. Support doesn’t mean anymore simply helping current and potential customers, it is really a sales force. But the approach will be more and more customized and a big role will be the management of customer’s emotions. As everyone knows emotions have the primary role in the purchasing process

Let’s update at the end of 2015 to see if at least one of the prediction will be right.

And if not? We are marketers we are used to change opinions :)

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