The 5 Gold rules of content marketing

Everyone speaks about content marketing, but are you ready for this?

1. Context

Content must be related to what you do but it doesn’t speak only of what you do. In sales do you do free promotions? I guess so. Same you should do for content: you give free content (useful ones) to potential customers to attract them

There is nothing worse for an user to search for something, to think finally he found it, click the link and understand after 5 seconds that the content is completely useless for him. 

2. Customization

Content must be customized for different users especially if you have a broad range of products and services. Make possible for users to find immediately what they are looking for, create different landing pages, interact with users when they come to your website

3. Update

You have a blog: awesome… not really. You need to update it continuously. It is an hard work but it must be done. You don’t want your showroom empty and outdated for sure. Customers think about a content not updated that you don’t care about yourself and probably neither about them

4. Interaction

If you talk to someone, he could answer: this is a general rule. And he can say good things or even bad. You need to interact with your audience. It makes you more human and more reliable. If you think that nobody can talk about you forget the content marketing

5. No overselling

A content marketing strategy is different from a sales strategy. You cannot speak only about yourself and your product. Customers come to you to have more information than simply your products/services. Readers want stories more than numbers.

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